Monday 24 October 2022

What do I eat?

Good morning. It is damp and dull here in North Lincolnshire. I had a coffee early and took it back to bed with me. Getting up at 6am in winter is too early, so I lie in a bit longer. I open the curtains, and doze for a while and let the creeping daylight wake me up. 
I browsed the stack of Stitch magazines I have by my bed, looking for ideas and inspiration. I have picked a project to get started on, something I haven't tried before. 
I usually have plenty of ideas to write about on the blog. I thought I would do something different. The page titles under the header store some of my photos. Why not set the camera up pointing at the screen and record a slide show. This is the first one. 
People are always asking on the toootoob channel what foods do I buy, what do I eat, have you a recipe. My videos always go on yoootooob first, then most of them end up here. If you are a regular blog reader you may have already seen these.  
The 'Thinking about it' post went really well I thought. A good mix of comments. Thanks to everyone who contributed, even the ones whose opinions are totally opposite to mine. I deleted those who were rude and sarcastic.  
Now I shall go upstairs and look for a suitable piece of fabric for this project I have in mind. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona 

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