Monday 27 March 2023

Five miles

It was a lovely afternoon for a walk. My usual five mile route. Nothing much of interest to photograph. I had a look at the allotments and managed to get these four pics. 
Rhubarb and daffs are doing well. 

One lone flower on a patch of slate chippings. 

The wheelbarrow graveyard looks interesting. I think all the gardeners must share these. As the allotments are quite a distance from the road, it makes sense to leave them here. 
I made a walky talky video which I will put on tomorrow. See ya soon. 
Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Sorry I didnt put my name on the first comment above.Because Ive been unable to comment for a while,I had forgotten how to to it...never mind,Im sure it will all come flooding back,lol,Love the photos.I am doing my own small allotment this year.Growing mint,garlic,chives so far..then I will do tomatoes ,potatoes...all only from the cuttings from the stuff Ive bought.Im also regrowing celery and a small lettuce on my window sill.Still saving pennies where ever I can!!xx

    1. Hello Debi. Nice to see you here. Glad to hear that you are into gardening again. Small savings here and there all help.


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