Tuesday 30 May 2023

Entwined exhibition.

I've had these photo's for a couple of weeks now, and unfortunately the exhibition has closed in my local 20 21 Arts Centre. No doubt they will be moving on to another gallery. These were the biggest pictures in the exhibition. 
Entwined is a major new exhibition featuring leading British painters, including winners of the John Moores and Contemporary British Painting Prize. The paintings in this exhibition invite their viewers to look closely at plants. They do this through the widest of ranges of approaches to paint, the selected painters all delight in our extraordinary world.
The works in the show work with and against the rich traditions of the many and various aesthetic ways of depicting plants, from botanical illustration, to decoration and design.

Interesting pictures I thought. especially those with below ground views. Roots are fascinating in the way they sustain plant growth, or give up through lack of nourishment and care, then the plant withers and dies. The same could be said of all life. The process of nature versus nurture combined.  

Artists in Entwined: Amanda Ansell, Bryony Benge-Abbott, Hannah Brown, Graham Crowley, Sam Douglas, Michele Fletcher, Barbara Howey, Linda Ingham, Juliette Losq, Paula MacArthur, Iain Nicholls, Joe Packer, Julian Perry, Narbi Price, Harvey Taylor, Helen Thomas, Judith Tucker and Joanna Whittle.

A link to more info about this exhibition.  

Entwined: Plants in Contemporary Painting - 20-21 Visual Arts Centre (2021visualartscentre.co.uk)

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