Tuesday 21 November 2023

Billy is famous.

Just back from a Billy dog walk. I have been walking him for my friend Carol for about three years, possibly longer. He is a puller and she is unsteady on her feet, he would soon have her over. I let him lead the way and I follow. I say, which way Billy, and off we go. 
He is 12 years old now and has a bit of arthritis, but he doesn't seem too bothered by that. He has some medication from the vet. I walk him every third day, it gives me two clear days off. I can always re arrange the days if I want to go somewhere. He has the freedom of the garden to run around in. There is nothing he likes better than to sit at the gate and watch everyone go by. 
He gets on with most other dogs and is happy to greet them. I have to watch out though because there are three or four dogs he does not like. He jumps around and barks, so I have to change direction if I see any of them coming towards us. He is not keen on big black dogs, especially labradors, and doesn't like beagles or British bulldogs. 
Something else to look out for are Posties. I think it must be the orange jackets which sets him off. He wants to chase cats, so he is not able to come to my house. Other than those little foibles, he is a loveable dog. 
And now he is famous, and can be found on Google Maps.  
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

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