Saturday 9 December 2023

Christmas vibes.

It's been raining a lot today, but there was an opportunity this afternoon when it stopped, to visit the local Christmas Market. The ground was very wet. To make things a bit easier they had scattered bundles of straw to soak up some of the water.
The sun came out briefly. A few photo's, trying to avoid people's faces. Can you see me mother. 

Still a few leaves left on the trees. 

Not many takers for the childrens rides. 
I had a chat with the man who set this stall up. He said it was very slow, not many children about. Maybe they will do better tomorrow. 
The Barton Community Band were playing some jolly Christmassy songs in the courtyard.
I did go inside the Hall because there were some more craft stalls to view in there. I didn't look round the whole house, I have seen it all before. 
When I got back home I came across Santa and his buggy doing the rounds with a collecting bucket. They do this every year to raise money for local charities. 
And here are my Christmas treats. Beer from two local breweries. Yummy, excited to try them. 
I recorded this video this morning, to upload while I was out. Have a coffee with me. 
Enjoy your Sunday. I think we are going to get more rain. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Debi from Leicester.Good morning Ilona from a very dull n damp day here!.Hope the Christmas market went well.I love events like this although I do feel sorry for the traders who have paid up front to stand and then the rain comes down.It does effect the amount of people attending plus the risk of their stock getting ruined....hopefully the sun came out for every one.Those beers you bought look nice!Thanks for the video.As always,I agree with you!xx

    1. Hello Debi. I was surprised that the market was so busy, given that it rained heavily throughout the morning. Luckily people came out after lunch so the stall holders did manage to get some sales from that.

  2. Glad they still had the Christmas market despite the rain. It’s been rainy and gloomy here all day with possible snow overnight. I suppose we will see what we wake up to in the morning for the work commute. Wanted to let you know mother 2024 is the year for my early retirement!!!!!! I am so excited, and a little nervous. But this is the year we have been working, planning and saving for!!!

    1. Hello Tammy. Nearly there eh! Counting down the months to freedom. I am excited for you.

  3. I understand your position and am in the same quandary. Supposedly if you are "good" at the internet you can find out everything about everyone?! I am not even interested in being that good. I do belong to a few groups on Facebook and have been noticing that people rarely state where they are from any longer - it is like we all need to hide ourselves. But then you hear about evil hackers who join groups to steal info - not smart enough to protect against that either!? I really enjoy your blog!!!

    1. Hello Cheryl. I am not particularly good at it. I took an evening class for ten weeks at a local college to get me started. Computers were beginning to grow in popularity, I thought I had better not get left behind. Then I bought a computer and played with it at home. I found myself a good computer expert who made sure that my virus checker was up to date. Then he emigrated to Australia. Now I have another local chap who I can call on any time if I have a problem. I bought this computer from him, he built it himself.


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