Monday 26 February 2024

Three Lincolnshire churches

Twas a lovely sunny day when I went for a drive in the Lincolnshire countryside. Destination Bransby Horses, but let's have a look at the villages along the way. Through Scunthorpe, through Scotter, and turn left at Blyton. First stop, Springthorpe. The Church of St Lawrence and St George. As I was taking photographs a cyclist stopped and got his camera out. We had a very pleasant chat about our interests of cycling and walking. 
Check out Wiki for more information on Springthorpe.  Here is some information about the church. 

The next stop was Heapham. This is All Saints Church. Just as I arrived the key holder of the church turned up, so I was able to look inside. It stands alone in a field away from the road, down a grassy track. Check this web site for the church history. 

The warden gave me a leaflet. I photographed it and left it there. She was very keen to tell me all about the church. 

There is a huge tree stump not far from the front entrance. They had to chop the tree down because it was in danger of getting blown down and causing damage. 
On the way back from Bransby I stopped at Stow in Lindsey to have a look at St Mary's Minster Church. It is very big for such a small village. I was lucky to find it open. 

Check out the Wiki page for info on this church. 

I love bimbling around villages. Can't resist stopping and having a look. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

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