Wednesday 28 February 2024

Yarn bombing in Brigg

Such a lot of work has gone into decorating the town of Brigg. It all looks quite amazing. Many hours of crochet and knitting. It must have taken almost a year, and hundreds of yards of wool to create this display of loveliness. Brigg is a market town with lots of small independent shops. This is a pedestrian bridge over the river. 

The bandstand looks amazing. 

A hanging basket at the sewing shop. I went inside to chat to my friend Sue who works as a seamstress there. 

You've seen the pictures, now watch the movie. 
I treated myself to a portion of chips and a small pot of mushy peas and was quite shocked at the price. £4.10p. Good job I only do this once a year. I have lost touch with how much it costs to eat out. Mind you there was quite a lot of chips. I ate a few of them sat in my car before I went home. Then microwaved a few more for my dinner last night. I had more chips for breakfast this morning, and again for lunch, and added some to my dinner tonight. I still have some left for breakfast tomorrow. 
Nearly time to go to bed. I'm chilling with a glass of wine. Thanks for popping in.
Toodle pip.   ilona

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