Monday 27 May 2024

Clutching at straws

 Here is an important message load of baloney, from  The Conservative Party. 

A future Conservative government will introduce mandatory National Service for every 18-year-old. This is a bold new model of national service for 18-year-olds to be spent either in a competitive, full-time military commission over 12 months or 25 days a year (equivalent to one weekend per month) volunteering in the community. This will give young people valuable skills, make our country more secure, and build a stronger national culture. The first pilot is open for applications in September 2025, and we will introduce a new National Service Act to ensure that every 18-year-old will be required to do either military or civic national service by the end of the next Parliament.

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Will they be able to distract young people away from their mobile gizmo's? I don't think so. By the time this plan comes to fruition they will have been well indoctrinated into giving up cash and handing over all their monetary transactions to CBDC. They won't be able to afford a half decent car and will have to walk everywhere. Or get on their bike, or get a bus. Their diets will be synthetic man made in a laboratory junk food. The Government will take away every bit of pleasure and fun that they ever had, and expect them to fight for their country. And that's only the half of it. 

Without writing a lengthy post on the New World Order and the Great Reset, thus giving the trolls a field day, I'll leave it at that. 

Clutching at straws smacks of desperation. The lies will keep coming. 

Have a nice Bank Holiday Monday. 

Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I have been cancelled so many times for exposing these psychopaths - now the world is beginning to see why that exposure was justified. There are some wonderful people in the Jewish community, but their self-proclaimed 'leaders' worship a very different and satanic 'God'. Compassion, empathy, basic decency, do not have a race or culture, nor does evil and psychopathy. They are states of mind that can manifest in any race or culture and Netanyahu and his mob personify the latter.

    1. Problems arise because some people are easily influenced by what they see and hear around them. Standing up for compassion and decency is to set yourself up as a target for those who are power crazy. Knowing the simple rules of what is right and what is wrong eludes a lot of people. Hierarchy is everywhere, in every nation in the world, usually fuelled by greed, which manifests itself as controlling behaviour.

  2. Ilona, your common sense thinking, though no longer common, is always refreshing. Thank you for being a thinker! So glad you are well.

    1. The gulf is widening between those who think for themselves, and those who drift through life not knowing which direction is the best for them. I am very well, thank you.


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