Wednesday 19 June 2024

Garden visitors.

I didn't go to Coffee Morning this morning. Too much to do in the garden. This afternoon I did my usual five mile walk. I have to say, I was struggling a bit, it was very hot. I took some water with me, as I always do, but it wasn't enough. I shall have to take two bottles next time. 
After dinner tonight I went back in the garden. Always something to do. Mr hedgehog was out early tonight. The ducks have been hanging about for most of the day. They have gone now, took flight over the hedge.  
Got to go. Cuddle time for Mayze. Catch ya tomorrow. 
Toodle pip. ilona. 

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  1. Debi from Leicester.Your right,there is always something to do in the garden!.It is nice that you have the wildlife to keep you company while you are out there....although I had wildlife in my bedroom when I woke up a couple of days ago...We have pigeons nesting under the solar panels.I always sleep with the window open but the blinds closed.A young pigeon had flown in the window and and was flapping its wings getting them caught up in the blinds.I had to get my brain in gear....this was 5,30 work out how to free the poor thing without damaging its wings.I had to get my step ladders and slowly push a wooden coat hanger through the top of the blinds to get the window wide open,without making it panic even more.Sounds daft but I think it realised that I was trying to help it because it went very still and quiet.After a couple of minutes,it made its flight to freedom!xx


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