Friday, 13 February 2009

I've found a Scrapstore !

I knew it was going to be my lucky day when I looked down on the ground and spotted a 1p coin. It was rather strange because a few seconds before I thought, wouldn't it be a bonus if I found some money, and there it was, just like magic. I was in town looking for a place my friend had told me about, a place called Scrapstore which had all sorts of unwanted recyclable rubbish collected from shops and factories. It is then used for craft projects.

I found it tucked away behind the Blind Centre, there was a board outside and a sign on the fence. I went in and thought I was in heaven. There was all kinds of usefull stuff, card and paper, plastic bottles, fabric, wallpaper, beads and jewellery, net, lace, fur, ribbon, and a million and one other things. I had a chat with a very nice lady called Lorraine, she told me they could do with some more volunteers, and I met Phil who also works there.

This is the sort of thing I would like to get involved with, because whatever can be used again means less going to landfill. Making something out of rubbish gives me a sense of achievement, I love the thought processes when confronted with something that no one what can I make out of this? If you want to find out if there is a Scrapstore in your area check out this site

I popped into the market while I was in town, and I'm pleased to say they have my cats favourite Felix food back in again, at £2.75 a box. It's £4.05 in the supermarkets so a good saving there. They also had some dog biscuits in for 50p, I got a couple of boxes for Ben. The pet shop in the market is always buzzing, they do a roaring trade.

A quick look in Aldi to check on prices, I park my car next to the store on waste ground, never pay for parking. The prices were the same as the big supermarkets, the only bargain I spotted was a big bag of potatoes for 69p.
Daily spend £17.50 - cat food, 69p - potatoes,
£1.45 - charity shop

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  1. Scrapstore sounds a lot liek the play resource centre in Belfast. I used to love going there when I worked in the summer scheme but it has got a bit commercialised now - I preferred it when it was a big warehouse full of stuff down at the docks, now it's more shop than recyclables in the warehouse.


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