Saturday, 7 March 2009

Crafting heaven.

A bit chilly outside so it's a good day to get on with some crafting. I have started another bag, but instead of using drinks cartons I'm using aluminium cans this time, and rather than making it multi coloured, I'm sticking to black, red, and silver. It should be interesting, I'll post some pics when it is finished.
I mentioned before about my living room being more like a workshop, I've taken some pics so you know what I mean. Although I am generally tidy this might look a bit messy, but I know where everything is. I also might add that there is more than what is shown here. Some clothes awaiting dissection on the back of a chair, two of those under the bed plastic boxes full of clean cat food pouches, cat food bags, all manner of trimmings, like a bit box, and cardboard boxes stacked up in the corner. Sounds awfull doesn't it, but I love it, I'm like a kid playing with my toys :-)

Plastic bags in various stages of cutting up, books, varnish, pens pencils, hand made cards, cellotape, hole puncher, scissors, beads. This table is in front of the window so good natural light here.

Rolls of yarn, glue, stanley knife, pliers, scissors, bead making, rug pegger, crochet hooks, pins and needles, nail varnish, knitting in progress, coloured scrap paper, and of course the radio. This table has a large spotlight with a long arm, clamped to the edge to give good directional light,

This is a large white board laid between the writing desk and the treadle sewing machine, full of cut up old greetings cards, and magazine pictures, ready to go onto new greetings cards.

The sideboard in the corner. Reels of coloured florists ribbon, balls of wool, gold and silver wrapping paper, crepe paper, silver sticky back plastic, assorted florists decorative ribbon, old brochures used in card making.
Daily spend - nothing


  1. Wow what a glorious stash of craft materials! One day I might be brave enough to show mine! lol Love your blog btw

    Catz x

  2. This is why I have a workshop (aka shed in the garden)... but it does mean that I have to craft out in the cold or spend money on the heating... and if I do it in the house I have to tidy up are so lucky!

  3. Hi there

    Been lurking for a while but had to thank you for your idea about the board with the card bits on.

    I use old cards to make new ones and can never find the ones i want i hope you don't mind if i steal your idea.


  4. Hi Billy Jane, I bet my house is as cold as your shed :-) As there is only me here I only have to tidy for me.
    Hi Shaz. That's the best way I thought of doing it, if you keep your bits in a box or a drawer they get grubby if you have to constantly search through them, it also takes ages to find the ones you want. It's just a large piece of white board, you can see at a glance to match colours up. Ilona


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