Friday, 6 March 2009

A walk tinged with sadness.

What a lovely morning, the sun was streaming in through the window as I ate my breakfast, it's Friday, that means Tesco free bus day. As I got off outside Tesco I told the driver not to wait for me, as I was going to walk back. He looked shocked and said, 'What all that way?' I said, 'Yep, keeps me fit.'

It takes forty minutes to get out of the built up area and out into the countryside. I followed the tracks across the fields, and past the chicken farm. As I was skirting round the edge of Flixborough village, along a track, admiring all the rubbish that had been cast out of car and truck windows, I spotted a sad sight. I looked closer, amongst the grass and bushes laid the small furry body of what was once someone's pet cat, a pretty tortie with a sparkly green collar. Poor little love, I wonder what happened to it, someone will be missing it. I was thinking about it as I was walking along.

Further on, as I was passing the bottom of the woods, I met my friend George going in the opposite direction, we stopped to chat. He came to my house yesterday to interview me because he is writing an article for the Parish newsletter about my unusual lifestyle. He said he is going to do three pages about me, I think he will need three whole issues to get it all in :-)

The wild garlic is starting to grow now in the woods, I love that smell, can't resist plucking a few leaves to rub between my fingers and take in the aroma, wonderful. There used to be deer in the woods but I haven't seen any for ages. There's plenty of rubbish though. It's terrible the way people spoil the beautiful countryside. If everyone in the whole country joined in a massive litter pick, there wouldn't be enough landfill space to put it, perhaps that's why they leave it lying around. We have a beautiful country here, it's a shame to see it in such a mess.

When I got home I rang the cattery in Flixborough and told them about the cat and where it was. The woman said she would ask around and see if anyone had lost one.
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  1. Its a terrible thing to lose a cat that way... and the litter thing... oh yes... one of my bugbears...


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