Monday, 23 March 2009

From wild to calm.

The wind is howling today, I went to get Ben for a walk. I love the roar of the wild wind rushing through the trees, it's quite high up here and very exposed to the elements. We often meet Karen and her two dogs along the hills, and Honey, her big afghan type dog can spot me a mile off. Sometimes she appears from nowhere, and runs towards me at 100mph, heading straight for my pocket where she knows I have a few treats. In fact I always have treats in my pockets because there are so many dogs in our village, and it's a great ice breaker to get to know people.

I went to my psychology course tonight, this is a fascinating subject which I am enjoying, it's a shame that next week is going to be the last one. Never mind, I have booked to go on the Health Psychology course starting after Easter, we will have the same teacher so that should be interesting as well. Tonight was all about learned behaviour. We watched some film clips of children that have either been brought up by animals, or had an isolated upbringing, then we discussed various aspects of this. I always come away from my college classes with quite positive thoughts, to have a better understanding of how people live their lives seems to help me reflect on my own life, and make me a calmer person. A little education is a good thing.
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