Sunday, 22 March 2009

Car booting in Hampshire

Oh what a night! Amazingly Carol was up before me this morning, complaining that she couldn't sleep, hurting feet and aching legs from too much dancing. After pressie opening we went to the car boot sale at Bordon, a lovely sunny morning for mooching. There were a lot of traders which I thought would have been more at home on a sunday market, I passed them by in favour of eyeing up other people's tat.

I spotted a baby's bath under a table, how much is it, I asked. Lad looked fed up, shrugged his shoulders, I dunno, 50p? I snapped his hand off, just what I want to make a small garden pond, last week at my local car boot there was one at £5, big difference. Further on I found some very large plant pots, the lad was minding the stall for someone else. He said, they're £3 and they're 50p. I wanted the £3 ones but didn't want to pay that much, so I took a couple of the 50p ones, which would be right for the job of repotting plants.

Rooting in a box which had the label everything 10p, I found boys pants so I picked out two pairs, they were brand new I hasten to add. For those who remember my TV appearance in January, I have a particular leaning towards boys pants, they are very well made and last a lot longer than ladies knickers. Next I came across a box with a notice scrawled on the lid, 'free help yourself,' I had to look didn't I! I picked out a metal square planter which I am going to paint, and two glass tea light holders, love free stuff.

Back at Carol's we had some lunch and it was time for me to come home. With no one else around to take a photo of us together, I had a go at doing it myself. Not worked out the timer on the camera, so after about 20 attempts of me holding it at arms length, and lots of laughing, this is the outcome. It reminds me of when we used to sit in one of those photo booths in Woolies, put our money in the slot and wait for the flash, which inevitably we weren't ready for. The outcome would be half of someones face cut off, or decapitated, or looking asleep with eyes closed. Me and Carol, yes, my hair is now red!

Daily spend £5.70 car boot sale

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  1. u inspire me to live each day to the max.great blog =)


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