Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Half a pint of cider.

Oh dear, I'm feeling a bit guilty now, I've just come past our local pub in the village and all the lights were out. There is a sign outside saying, 'Elvis has left the building.' The landlord can be a bit of a joker, I wondered what he was up to when I noticed he had put a sign up a few days ago announcing a closing down sale, and everything must go! I thought it was a bit of kidology to try and get some more customers through the door.

It seems not, The Sheffield Arms really has closed, oh dear. Is it my fault, because I have not been in there for ages to pass my money over the bar? Has my frugal living resulted in the landlord and his wife and two children, and the dog, losing their home? If I see him I will tell him I am sorry, tell him that I couldn't afford to come in his pub because I have to be very carefull how I spend my money. If I treat myself to a cheap bottle of wine it lasts me three days, and if I buy four cans of cider I drink one a week for four weeks.

I suspect that many people are not going out as much as they used to, they're staying at home and buying their drinks from a supermarket, you can tell by the amount of empty cans they put out for the recycling collection. It's too late now, but perhaps if I'd had half a pint of cider once a week in the pub, maybe I could have saved it from extinction!
Daily spend - nothing

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