Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Will I fit in?

I've just found out a bit more about myself, by filling in an online application form for a job with a DIY company. The first five pages are a questionnaire with tick boxes on a sliding scale, the answers reveal your Personality Profile. There are supposedly no right and wrong score directions, but I think it is fairly obvious that they would give you a wide berth if you admitted to being a lazy, miserable, untidy slob.

On reading the brief summary of my scores the first impression I got was that I would be the ideal candidate, but on looking a little closer there seems to be gentle hints that my personality could be a bit of a problem when it comes to conforming and fitting into their mould.

I scored eight on the Agreeableness scale, this means I would be perceived as genuine and sincere in my desire to help people and do my best, but I would find it difficult to deal with people who are brusque or off hand. Too right I would, manners cost nothing.

My Conscientiousness score was also eight, this indicates I am quite a methodical and neat person, and I have the capacity to be painstaking. I would pay attention to detail....correct, but pay less attention to obvious things like punctuality....also correct, what's a few minutes late now and then, I always turn up.

Then my score plummets to four, for Conformity, this made me laugh. It says I am a fairly unorthodox person who occasionally likes to be something of a non conformist. It goes on....I probably don't place the same high value on social convention as many of the people who work within the company, oh dear, maybe a square peg in a round hole! Then it says if I try to introduce some form of innovation into the working environment I could find the emphasis placed on following procedures was a little restrictive. Too right I will, I have a brain and I am capable of using it. On the plus side it says I am an original thinker, yep.

Moving on to Extroversion, I am up to a score of nine on this one. I am energetic and outgoing, and motivated by any kind of challenge, I would agree with that. But it's not going to get me anywhere in a company that stiffles individuality.

I seem to have some plus points in my Emotional Stability, it suggests I am a fairly confident and optimistic person, that's a fair assumption. I am likely to be enthusiastic, and able to make most descisions on my own without asking for help from my superiors. Saying that, my superiors are likely to be younger than me, so that scenario is a possibility. It says I could cope with most pressure, agree, I am very laid back, and have been known to doze off while someone is talking to me.

The job is for stacking shelves mainly at night when the shop is shut, I wait with baited breath to see if they take my application any further. At least I now have a better understanding of my personality, it suits me just fine.
Daily spend - nothing

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