Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The learning curve.

My college classes are turning out to be very interesting, as well as giving me a night out, I think I am actually learning something. Rita is the tutor for Psychology on a Monday night, and Em for Social Sciences on a Tuesday. The students are mostly women, with a few token men thrown in for good measure. Everyone is very friendly and there's a great deal of light hearted banter going on. In fact it's more like having a structured and interesting chat with like minded people, better than going down the pub with your mates.

I didn't like school very much when I was younger, that's probably because I never really excelled in anything. I liked the practical subjects like needlework, cookery and art, but didn't like sports because I was always worried I might hurt myself thrashing around on a hockey field or jumping over a hurdle. I had a mental block where maths was concerned, and I couldn't for the life of me understand the point of history.

But now it's different, things are dropping into place, things are making more sense. I don't think you ever lose the capacity to learn, for most it comes early in life, but for others it can re emerge later on. And to combine a learning actvity with a social activity is a bonus. I suggested we all take a pint of beer with us next week, but I don't think that will go down very well with the college staff.
Daily spend - Tesco £2.66 reduced prices.
Sprouts 22p. Potatoes 25p. Bag salad 25p Finger rolls 6p.

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  1. I often think this, why was this hard for me when I was young? It just seems so logical and interesting now.


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