Monday, 2 March 2009

D I Y haircut !

Why does hair grow so quickly? It doesn't seem that long since I had a cheap trim at the college, and already it is spilling over into my eyes. Long hair doesn't suit me, I begin to look like an afghan hound.

Nothing for it but to tackle it myself. I put the mirror on the window ledge outside the back door, and armed with brush and scissors set about cutting the curtains that used to be my fringe. I ran the fingers of my left hand through my hair, lift, and chop the ends off. I did this all over the top of my head and some of the hair on the sides, the bits that I could see.

Then I put the mirror on the floor, bent over and brushed all the hair downwards. I did the same again, holding chunks with my left hand and trimming. I don't think it looks too bad, but there again, I can't see the back of it! Never mind, it will last a few more weeks
untill I want to pay for a proper trim.

Daily spend £7.54 Tesco, inc reduced prices.
Parsnips 11p. 4 Granary rolls 6p. 5pk donuts 6p.
6 Hotxbuns 10p. Broccolli 7p.

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