Friday, 27 March 2009

Other people's rubbish.

The thing I like about making things, or crafting as people call it, is that you can have a go at anything, and if you get bored, try something else. I like projects that don't drag on for weeks as my attention span is very low, and I don't want to wait ages to see the finished article. I also like to make one off's, so if someone says, I like that, can you make me one, I am not keen because working on a production line is not my idea of fun.

I also don't like working to a set pattern as that stifles my creativity, I'd much rather make it up as I go along, and make my own pattern. To me crafting is about ideas, mixing and matching colours, trying things out to see what works, and using different materials together in the same project. I like the idea of stitching aluminium and plastic on to fabric, or joining plastics and cardboard together with crochet, or finding new materials to knit with.

I am looking at rubbish in a different light, becoming excited when I find a colourful drinks can or plastic bottle. Oh my goodness, is there no hope for me, am I destined for a life picking things up out of the gutter?

I went to the Scrapstore today, and had a long chat with Lorraine, she thinks the same way as I do, that we should be thinking of recycling more, rather than dumping everything. They recently hired a van and went to the Halifax Scrapstore and brought back lots of new materials. They managed to get literally thousands of 6inch zips in many colours, which has set my mind thinking about what could be made with them. I came away with some colourful vinyl offcuts, something else for me to play with. Stitching may be the solution, but not sure what the finished article will be yet. Now let me think..........
Daily spend - £20.01 diesel. £13.48 cat food
£1.30 cucumber seeds.


  1. 6 inch zips.....mmmmmmmmmmm. :-)

  2. Been meaning to say a proper hello for a while especially as we are practically neighbours
    { messingham }

    I love your outlook and have adopted some of it myself in the last few years

    when we dug up our patio and planted veg our family thoght we were mad

    I know my sister think we are short of cash but its not true i think we concentrate on needs rather than wants and are passing these values on to the kids

    My 7 yo loves craft and woodworking so we must be doing something right

    keep it up, i love your bags by the way


  3. I was thinking a bag made only of zips, Billy Jane, but that seems a bit too obvious, hmmm.....

    Nice to meet you Sharon, Have you been to the Scrapstore at Cole Street? Lots of stuff very cheap, for crafting or building things, including wood. Or, ask for pallets at any industrial estate, I am addicted to picking them up. Love your potting shed. Ilona

  4. Haven't been for years ut i used to go a lot

    I was friends with the then sercretary(Jan W) and used to deliver sandwiches to the couple that used to run it(and to training meetings) when i had my own catering business.

    It used to be £5 to fill a basket but i never could so didn't really buy much though i may try again as it sounds like it may have changed

    i have just been down the shed and planted yet more seeds, i was thinking of selling the spares at a car boot to try and recoup some of my expenditure!! it could be next years seed fund.

    we often pick up bits of wood from skips and the pram factory at kirton often puts unwanted bits outside its gate at the weekend(next to the garden centre)we got a pine baby changing unit with 3 drawers there once 2 of the drawers were broken so we turned it into a desk for my son .

    speak soon



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