Sunday, 29 March 2009

Refurbished greenhouse.

What a super day today, at last the wind and rain has gone and we have sun, a perfect day to get out into the garden and re cover my greenhouse. I made it two years ago, the base is four pallets which I covered in green sheeting, and the frame is free wood I got from work. It has a sloping roof so the water runs off it. First I had to strip off the old plastic by removing all the battens, I bought the plastic sheeting from a car boor sale, a massive roll for £3.50, it has lasted well. Then I covered the sides with shrink wrap, the sort they use in warehouses to wrap palletised goods. I wrapped it round and round loads of times, then I put the roof on, a double sheet from the roll, and battened it down. Next I put more shrink wrap on to overlap the roof to stop it from flapping, the whole thing is nice and tightly wrapped. Then I cut a hole where the door is, and fastened the excess to the posts. I have got paving slabs on the floor, and there is a bench, it's too low to work on but handy for storing stuff underneath it. My greenhouse really is green, it cost almost nothing. Next I re covered some shelters I built along the side of the garage. These are smaller framed structures some with shelves, which I use for seed trays and baby plants untill they are big enough to be planted out, then I use them for tomato plants because it's a sunny spot.

Looks like it's all systems go in the garden now, I've started sowing seeds, but I'm going to stagger my planting so that I don't get everything coming up at the same time. My spuds are chitting nicely, they are nearly ready to go in. Ooooh isn't it exciting, I love gardening!
Daily spend - nothing

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  1. It certainly is exciting... everything poised for the off!! Love your greenhouse... as always your posts get me thinking about what I can do! Thanks.


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