Friday, 13 March 2009

Tune in to me!

Did you hear me mother? On the radio I mean, this morning on BBC Radio Humberside. Didn't you hear me chatting to Lara King just after 9 o clock? Oh dear, missed it again. Yes, I was invited in to the studios at Grimsby again, this time to do a newspaper review.

I arrived at ten to nine, after parking my car in the street half a mile away, the building is in the city centre, and I don't pay for parking. Pam who works on the reception desk arrived at the same time, and a few minutes later a welcome cup of coffee appeared, they are so hospitable. I could see Lara through the glass preparing for her show, and I heard my name mentioned as she announced who she was going to be chatting to. Pam brought the papers through so I could browse through them.

I had taken some of my hand made bags to show them, Pam thought they were lovely and took them through to show Lara. My highlighter pen came in handy and I marked some of the news items which I thought would make interesting topics to chat about, then I was called into the studio.

Lara is great fun to talk to, she is friendly and chatty, and everything flowed perfectly. She introduced me as Meanqueen. We didn't get around to discussing many news stories because she was keen to quiz me on my money saving trips to the supermarkets. This encouraged a few people to respond by email and offer even more ideas to get your food bill down. Lara then went on to describe my bags, which tied in very nicely with a news item about two handbags, one which cost £1,500, and a similar one from a chain store for £8. I joked that I wouldn't even pay £8 because I can make my own. Another news item I spotted said that outer space was becoming a dumping ground for space ship bits floating about out there, and it is becoming dangerous. My flippant reply to this was that now we have filled up our own planet with junk, we are sending it out into space, and perhaps someone could make some handbags out of it as I had done :-)

I was there for just over an hour and my bit had finished, the next guest had arrived to do a film review. Lara came out to thank me as I was leaving, and said she would love to see me again. It was great fun, and of course I would love to go back. I realised as I was walking back to my car that I had taken my camera but completely forgotten to take any pictures, oh dear, perhaps next time.
Daily spend - £17.30 cat food from the market.
£2.39 jar of coffee.

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  1. Ooooh a bona fide celebrity!! That must have been such fun to do! And I would have thought very good advice for a lot of people who are probably worrying about how they are going to manage on less money. Well done you.


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