Saturday, 14 March 2009

Best foot forward

I didn't know whether to venture out this morning, with rapid changes in the weather as I sat eating my breakfast, I wondered if I should be cautious and stay in and get my latest bag finished. Then I remembered I need the excercise. I had highlighted a five mile Ranger led, free walk, starting at the Waters Edge country park and visitor centre at Barton on Humber, just below the Humber bridge, so I gave myself a good talking to, something like get off your backside and do something, you lazy good for nothing waste of space. It worked!
I met up with a crowd of people, and after signing in, Sarah, our Ranger, briefly outlined the plan, and told us there were a couple of points where we could shorten the walk if we felt it was too much. I was intrigued by a walker who was dressed in the usual garb, except for the fact that he had bare feet. Nosey me couldn't resist asking, why? He told me he was a member of the Barefoot Society, and has been doing rambles with no
boots on for years. He said he is used to it and feels no pain. Even the thought of it makes my eyes water, ouch! I had never heard of such a society, so he told me the web address, if anyone wants to get started on barefooting
here is the link
Sure enough, he did the five miles without crying once :-)

I have been thinking about the idea of showing and demonstrating my bag making, and other craft projects using recycled rubbish, and came up with the idea of setting a table up in a suitable place where people could come and chat to me about it. Waters Edge seems the ideal place, so after the walk I took some samples to show them to see their reaction. Bruce thought it was a great idea and suggested I could come when they have an organised event, then there would be more people there. We talked about the possibility of me doing some workshops, the school holidays would be a good time for this. Bruce said he would pass on my details to the recycling manager at the council because they would be interested.

I am quite excited about this because it would mean I could get to speak to people about the importance of finding different uses for the stuff we throw out. I feel very passionate about not throwing things into a big hole in the ground, we must all do our bit to help the planet.
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