Friday, 20 March 2009

The weekend starts here.

The weekend start here, as they used to say on a Friday night at the start of Ready Steady Go, only my weekend started this morning as I got in my car and headed south to Hampshire. I filled up with fuel and did a steady plod down the M180, M18, M1, A43, A34, A 339, and B3004, keeping my speed down to 55 - 60 mph for optimum fuel consumption. It was a relaxing drive down accompanied by Tina Turner and Cher, love their music, stopping for a free shower on Donnington Services. Always take your wash gear with you when travelling on the motorways.

I sent a text to my friend Carol to say my ETA would be 4.30pm, and I was spot on. She had a great night out planned for us, tickets to see Dreamboats and Petticoats, the rock and roll musical, at Woking Theatre. It was brilliant, we were dancing in the aisles. A great way to start the weekend, not very frugal I know, but this is the very reason why I am frugal, so I can have these treats. Here's the link to the web site
Daily spend £40.88 diesel. £20 theatre


  1. Enjoying yourself is important... I always budget for that along with food. It is after all a necessity of life.

  2. Totally agree.I bargain hunt and budget so that we can afford to treat ourselves to things that we otherwise couldn't afford.
    My Other Half sometimes moans about me being shall we say "careful" with money.Then I remind him that its due to my carefulness that he's now driving the Jeep he's always wanted but assumed we could never afford.(no credit required thankyou)


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