Saturday, 4 April 2009

Can't think of anything I need

I sometimes wonder if I am taking this frugal thing a tad too far, for saying I have so very little income, I seem to be making a marvelous job of living within my means, even to the point of having a little bit to spare. Anyone else might rush out and spend it on a big treat, but as soon as I try and think of something, I come to a dead end, nothing, no ideas at all!

I am an expert at deciding why I don't want something, and happily walk away feeling pleased that I haven't given in to consumerism. I think my brain has been rewired, and it's worrying. I fear growing old, with a house and loads of money stashed under the matress, living in near poverty. I want to spend it all eventually, but have forgotten how, and what I would buy with it.

I haven't been in our local village shop for six months, because when I did go in, a newspaper would lead to a bag of crisps, a bar of chocolate, a can of cider, oh my god, before you know it I have spent £5, shock horror, and on what, stuff I didn't actually need, junk basically. A short term fix is no good for long term happiness.....or is it?

I remind myself of what is important to me, and at the top of the list is always mobility. One day my car will need replacing and I hope I can afford something decent and reliable. Also my cats will need looking after in their old age, they have given me so much pleasure, it's the least I can do. Anything else is of secondary importance, but one day I might blow every last penny, when I can think of something I absolutely need.
Daily spend - nothing again!


  1. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone decided not to buy stuff they dont need.... mmmm... interesting thought.

  2. I sometimes wonder that Billie Jane, people would have no jobs because there wouldn't be a need to make new things, they could all grow their own vegetables instead. Perhaps the whole of the High Street could be taken up by charity shops,things would be repaired and passed on more. People could barter and swap stuff, and it would be kinder to the planet to use what we have already got.

  3. We need to be like our grandmothers - make do and mend. It may sound a bit sad but it is very satisfying. I made all my Christmas presents last year as I have not worked since June. Everyone was delighted to get something unique - made for them only - not mass produced.


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