Thursday, 23 April 2009

Lots of cats

Imagine living and working in your own business, surrounded by lovely gardens, with fields full of horses as your neighbours. Get up in the morning, no travelling to work, start when you feel like it, coffee breaks and lunch anytime you want to, maybe sit down and watch the world go by. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? This is the life for my friends Janet and Alan, who have a cattery near Selby in North Yorkshire, I love to visit them and enjoy the tranquility of their place, it's 45 minutes drive away and I arrived just after 2pm.

After catching up on our news in the conservatory, I went for a stroll around the gardens and to see the cats in their chalet's. Janet is like a mother to them, checking and playing with them, making sure they are not getting too homesick. She has seven of her own as well, but all the cats get her equal attention.

I noticed that the stepping stones across the lawn were disappearing underneath the grass and the tidying instinct in me kicked in, I asked her for a sharp knife and a bucket. I like to do a job where you can see a difference, here are the before and after pictures.

Janets helper, Laura, turned up at tea time and they proceeded to serve the guests their evening meal, then there was some pruning to do around the bushes which Janet got on with while Alan set to in the kitchen to make us all a meal. Afterwards there was time for me to trim round the edges of the lawn with the long handled shears, once I start a job like that I have to keep going untill it's finished. I ran out of time and had to give up as darkness approached. I could quite happily go back there tomorrow and find lots more to get on with, I enjoy working in other people's gardens.

Now just to re-cap on what I said at the beginning. It is nice to live and work at your own business, but Janet is on the go all the time, there is a lot of work to do in a cattery, she has had two days off in the last eighteen months. The gardens need constant attention, they have just painted the exterior of the house, Alan has cleared the pond out, sealed the bottom and got it working again three ponds with cascading water. Alan is also a cat photographer and has made their own signs, and he makes signs for other people, also prints business cards, and of course cats are coming and going all the time. Phew what a lot of work to do, I feel exhausted just thinking about it, even so they love it there. If you want to look round click on the link at the side.
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