Monday, 20 April 2009

Now my feet are sore.

Another day another walk, this time my main purpose was to have a look at the damage the youngsters are doing to our woods. We have a problem with youths who congregate, generally on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. They chop down young trees, drag pallets into the woods, dig the ground up and build ramps for their bike games, have parties and leave the place littered with bottles, cans, and food wrappers, such a mess. No one seems to be able to catch them at it though. I have flattened the ramps, and I know other people have as well. A few years ago when I moved to the area there was only one path through the woods, now there are dozens. It seems such a shame that our young people are intent on destroying everything. Anyway, I think I'll give the walking a miss tomorrow, I have got two sore blisters, one on each foot, ouch!

I started a new ten week free college course tonight, Health Psychology. There are about 25 in the class, some of them I knew from the previous courses I have done. We talked about all the different reasons why people become stressed, next week we are discussing stress management. It made me think about my own situation, I am so laid back I can't think of anything to get stressed about, except going to the job centre every fortnight, and I've only got four weeks left of that. The course sounds very interesting.

Afterwards of course, I called in Tesco for my reduced price food. I am pleased to report that I got three huge leeks for 10p each, a large swede for 25p, a tub of mushroom pate for 25p, two large brown loaves of bread for 11p each, three boxes of chocolate rice crispy clusters for 15p per box, and ten boxes of Mr Kipling sponge slices for 10p per box. Most of the cakes I will give away I might add, far too much sugar for me, but a nice treat for somebody else.
Daily spend £5.63 Tesco

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  1. There is always the freezer for the cakes! Amazing bargains... and we also have problems with teenagers and a bit of vandalism. I never understand why kids trash their own facilities... they only hurt themselves... it doesnt make sense to me!


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