Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A good start

I like to get a good start to the day by eating something that is going to keep me going for a few hours and keep my mind alert, this was very important when I was on the road at 4am with a hundred or more miles ahead of me. I have never skipped breakfast, even then. Most drivers starting at that time would grab a cup of coffee and a cigarette, and make a stop at around 10am when they pulled into a transport cafe and filled up with a full fried breakfast. You've only got to look around you to see retired truck drivers struggling with excess baggage and wheezing like they have just run a marathon, which none of them could ever hope to do.

So, without trying to sound too preachy, a good start to every day is very important. This is how I do it. I have an assortment of seeds and nuts, which I vary from day to day. I try and include sesame seeds, linseeds, and pumpkin seeds every day, with any nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, and pecans. These I crush with a pestle and mortar, and add to my cereal. I don't like packets of ready made muesli because there is too much sugar and salt in them.

I have either bran flakes, oat bran, or porridge oats. Sometimes I will cut a banana up on top, or mix some dried fruit into it, then I pour soya milk over it. I never seem to have problems with my digestive system or my waste disposal, so I think this diet is right for me. It's a matter of trying different ingredients to suit yourself. I haven't got round to the detox yet as I mentioned earlier, but if I carry on tweaking my diet I feel I am on the right track.
Daily spend - £11.50 cat food.

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