Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Treemendous Trees

Just when are these trees going to stop growing? They are at the bottom of my garden, just over the fence in the garden that backs onto mine. This is the autumn view.
They were big when I moved here 12 years ago, now they are huge. At first I thought they are giving it a lovely country feeling, but now I am beginning to feel hemmed in. They also block out the sun in the mornings at the bottom of the garden up untill about 12.30pm. This is the winter view from my upstairs office window.
I asked the people living in the house if they would consider taking a third off the top to allow the sun to reach my veg garden, they said they might consider taking them down when they could afford it, as it would be very expensive. My friend, who is a tree expert, says that cutting some off the top would kill them as the weather would get into the main trunk and rot them. Don't get me wrong, I love trees, but these are much taller than my house. Ah well, it's a waiting game, it's not worth falling out with people over it.
Daily spend - nothing

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  1. We went haffers with our neighbour to get a very large tree that shadowed our veg patch reduced by a good third... and it was not cheap, so I do sympathise with both you and your neighbour. When they get that big they can be a danger in bad weather too...


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