Friday, 22 May 2009

Need more scrap

Time seems to be flying by, when you are enjoying yourself, ha ha. Does it go faster as you get older? I went to the Scrapstore this morning to meet up with some like minded people who are passionate about recycling. There hasn't been much happening there for a while because of a lack of, 'can do', volunteers. Lorraine and Phil soldier on, but it's an uphill struggle when some committee members seem to exist in name only.

I personally think it is almost impossible to get a good active committee working together in complete harmony. From my experiences there will always be one or two dedicated members, and the rest just make the right sounding noises. I'm not saying that's happening here, because I am the new girl, but it's my perception of all committees.

I started the Lady Truckers Club and ran it single handed for seven years, I built it up to over 350 members, and that was before computers, a lot of hand written work was needed. Then they wanted a committe, so that's what they got. It worked for a while but just as I predicted it fizzled out, very difficult to keep it going on a national level. Still, it had served it's purpose, a support network for women in transport, I like to think I did my bit for the cause.

Anyway, back to the Scrapstore. It seems we have a little band of willing helpers which might work ok because we are all in the same area. We have a plan of action, we need more people through the door, and we need to collect more scrap. Our agenda has been recorded in our minutes book and hopefully things might happen.

I came away with some scrap to play with, lots of zips, offcuts of vinyl and leather, coloured buttons, plastic bottles, and....metal hooks, don't ask, I am going to have to play with them for some inspiration. Oh dear, the sun's come out, I have some gardening to do, not enough hours in the day.

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