Friday, 12 June 2009

Credit card craft

We all cut credit cards up when they they become out of date, or when we want to curb our spending. It's a shame to bin them because some of them are so pretty and have cute pictures on them. What about turning them into key fobs.

I liked the cats face on this one but the writing went right across the middle of it, so I cut out the eyes, rounded the corners and filed them smooth with a nail file. I punched the outline of a hole in the corner with one of those gadgets which makes holes in leather. It wouldn't go right through so I carefully prodded the outline with the point of a sharp craft knife untill it came out. Using the same method with the barclaycard, I cut a flower shape into it. Easy to make, and free, that's if you haven't racked up lots of interest on the card before it reached the end of it's life, in which case you have paid for it.
I'm off to my house sit now, catch up with you later.


  1. Your inginuity never fails to impress me, I will be having a go at this one, brilliant.

  2. Thank you for your message, this is excatly why I no longer work, its a farce......we live in a 2 bed house, because we are both on pensions they consider we are over housed, we should only need one bedroom, so they take money off for that. We also loose out because we both have private pensions from the civil much, but we get deducted for them too.


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