Thursday, 11 June 2009

On a mission

Here is the evidence, OK I admit it, I was caught on camera, stealing out of a big wheelie bin. Only joking, I was given permission to take anything I wanted, whoopee, I was in my element! I was out and about with my friend Becky from the Scrapstore, looking for anything that might be usefull to us. The best way to approach this was to knock on doors, and ask if we could rummage through their rubbish, and we found people very helpfull, they wanted us to take stuff, to help cut their costs of sending it to landfill. This particular bin was full of vinyl offcuts, the company makes curtain sides for lorries and trailers, they are made to measure so they will always have an excess. The pieces were varying sizes, and all colours, I'm sure we will find a use for them.

Another company is going to deliver some stuff to us, because we don't have a van, and someone else is going to save their broken tiles for us to make mosaics with. There is so much stuff going to landfill that shouldn't be, what we need are a lot more people to be creative and find new uses for these materials. Such a lot more could be achieved if only people reused and recycled instead of replaced.


  1. Thank you Cynthia, I am pleased that someone is entertained, I enjoy doing it as well.


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