Friday, 5 June 2009

Packaging gone mad!

It really anoys me when you get a small item which is lost in vast amounts of packaging. I got this sample of wrinkle filler free in a magazine, it says it will fill my wrinkles in 30 seconds, the tube is three inches long, blimey, I will need a lot more than that :-) But look at all the cardboard it came in! Even if I could afford the product I would not buy it, as most of the money would be for the packaging and not for the cream itself. I don't believe it would work anyway, I would rather fill my wrinkles with some aqueous cream from my £1.49 tub.


  1. Ooooh! Aaaarghhhh! Grmmph! Contorted with rage on your behalf!!
    We recycle - food waste, cardboard, bottles (plastic and glass), clothes, and much more. But we still manage to fill the bin on a weekly basis with bloody plastic!
    Brilliant piece on the BBC about living wothout plastic here:
    Love the blog, keep at it

  2. Drives me mad too, especially with cucumber halves which are double wrapped, why not just put them in the single wrapper and seal it shut.I know health and safety has gone mad, but in the market they cut a cucumber in half and pop it in a bag.....


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