Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Visit to Hull Scrapstore

My name is Ilona, and I'm a scrapoholic, is there no hope for me! I went to Hull again today, a free ride on the bus, but I only went to the Scrapstore, not the city centre this time.

It is housed in an old junior school building, and a lot bigger than our Scunthorpe store. It was a hive of activity and I was made very welcome by the volunteers. Tracey is paid to work 16 hours a week, and it is her job to drive the van and go out and collect the scrap from businesses. While I was there they had a steady stream of customers, from individuals looking for materials for their own crafting hobby, to group leaders collecting for their club projects.

It was great to have a root around and of course I had to pick up some items for myself to play with. There's ceramic tiles, fabric samples, plastic tops and strips, cord, and some kind of plastic coated fabric, (I can't tell what it is). Now what can I make with these?


  1. I found a scrapstore today, I felt like I was in aladdins cave, but I wasn't allowed anything as I'm not a member :0(

  2. I have heard that comment before, maybe they are losing a lot of potential customers because of that? Thanks for the feedback, I will put it to our committee as we are trying to build our store up.


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