Monday, 10 August 2009

The gas man cometh

I've had two men in my house today, it should have only been one. The first one came at 8.30am, he drilled a hole in the outside wall, put a camera into it, and sealed it up again. At 11am another man turned up, I said, 'You don't need to look, someone has already done it.' The company had sent two men to do the same job.

It's all part of the Warm Front grant I am getting, to fit a new boiler, have my cavity walls filled, and some more stuffing put in my loft. I thought it would be swimmingly easy, but I have hit a couple of glitches. The loft insulation people wouldn't go in the loft because they said there is asbestos up there, they said I had to have it removed first. The gas surveyor said don't worry about that, we will sort it for you when we fit the new boiler. Now I have found out that the boiler I am getting isn't very reliable and no one has a good word to say about them.

After some research on the internet it seems the boilers are notorious for breaking down at around two years old. I rang the company and said I want another make of boiler. I rang them twice, and sent an email with a link to the site where I found the information, then they rang me and said the manager would ring me. I wonder if he will ring tomorrow.

What a pain all this is, I can't be bothered, I just want an easy life. I suppose I should be pleased really that I am getting this work done for nothing, but I don't want the disruption. Ah well, I might be a bit warmer next winter, that's if I want to pay more money on my bills to switch it on.


  1. Ilona, this all sounds very familiar to me. Only this year we had our cavity wall insulation done. They made a terrible job of it and we complained to the company that did it. They left mess everywhere, didn't fill the cavities properly and done the whole house in under 30minutes! We got £150 compensation from them, the company re done the cavity wall insulation properly. Insulated the loft and made a mess on the beige landing carpet, so they paid to have that professionally cleaned. It was an absolute nightmare from start to finish. Hope your installers aren't from 'The Marks Group'. They wear red polo shirts. Hope you have better luck than we did, although now it is all done it is great.

  2. This is all getting a bit nightmarish now. I have spoken to my corgi gas plumber friend and he confirms that the new boiler they intend to fit is a load of rubbish, because he has been called to repair lots of them. Also the company that is fitting it are a load of cowboys. This is going to take some sorting out.


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