Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Step two of the pallet project

Step two of my pallet wood project. Cut four pieces from a large pallet, 30" x 4". I used the long six foot pallets and cut two pieces from two slats, avoiding the nail holes. Sand them smooth. Then cut six more batons 12" long, the same as the first two.I'm not making much progress here due to my dog sitting, but I hope to get on with it tomorrow. The wood looks lovely when sanded smooth. Sorry, you will have to make some more guesses as to what it will be, it isn't a table. I'm going to look for some more pallets, because this could be the start of a new hobby.


  1. You said that what's underneath is important...

    ...could it it be a kennel for a very long, thin dog? ;)

  2. Oh, you're such a tease! I have no idea now ...

    ((Drums finger nails))


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