Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Free coffee and biscuits

I got my free coffee and biscuits yesterday at Blood Donors, I reckon it was a fair exchange. They decided they could take some this time as my iron level was high enough, maybe that was because I had some broccoli for my dinner the night before. Normally I don't feel any different after they have removed nearly an armful, but last night I felt so tired.

This morning I had to sit and rest because I was still tired, so I read a book for an hour in the arm chair, then fell asleep. This is very unlike me as I usually have bags of energy. I am wondering if I should carry on donating blood, but my next appointment is not untill March so I have plenty of time to think about it. I might ring them up and ask about it.

This afternoon two men came to wire in the electrics to my new boiler. The timer box is in the airing cupboard above the hot water tank, and the thermostat is on the wall in the hallway. The young man explained how it all works, but I am still going to have to study the instruction booklet, it seems very complicated. I shall be too scared to put it on, after hearing some of the horror stories of the enornous bills that people get. There's no way I am going to pay that much. I shall try and keep my quarterly gas and electric bills down to less than £40 each in the winter, and less than £30 in the summer. I can see I'm going to be testing my will power this winter.

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  1. £40 a quarter??? Jeez tell me how you do it pleas Ilona. How rich we wouldbe if we could do that. I suspect we need a more efficent boiler. We have turned the hot tub off this year (came with the house)hoping it will make a big difference to the bills. In answer to your question, yes we can see over the fence into the neighbours garden at the moment. The next step is to higher the fences a little there with trellis and plants. They don't use their garden much so its not really a problem for them, more for us really as they can see us sat out there now.


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