Thursday, 24 September 2009

Happy clappy day

I don't get many emails, except the junky ones which all go straight into the trash bin, but today I had a nice surprise. I am on the mailing list for free tickets from SRO Audiences, for television programmes being filmed in various studios around the country. I have applied before but never received anything, most of them are filmed in London which is too far to go.

But today I have a Priority E-ticket to go and see Justin Lee Collins hosting a game show called Heads or Tails, on Tuesday 13th October, at the Granada Television Studios in Manchester. I'm really chuffed, it will be interesting to see what goes on behind the cameras, the bit that doesn't get screened.

There are a lot of rules and regulations to keep to, I won't be able to take photo's, and I have to wear something colourful. It says the audience is a very important part of the show, we have to come ready to enjoy our visit, but we have got help them to facilitate this by following the directions and instructions that the staff may give us. Does that mean we have to leap up and down clapping like demented seals at feeding time, when instructed to do so? When I have occasionally caught bits of these game show type programmes I always wondered what the audience have been taking to cause such hysteria, now I shall find out. I will report my experiences on here.

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  1. How great, hope you enjoy yourself. The answer to your last question is yes. You will be expected to wave, clap and whoop so leave your inhibitions at the door ! My friend and I went to a daytime TV show in London once (part of a how cheap can we get a holiday project). We had a great time.
    Cheers, Em


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