Thursday, 10 September 2009

What a laugh it was tonight

I've had them rolling in the aisles tonight, giggles, belly laughs, tears streaming down their faces, and hysterical side splitting laughter. My visit to the local heritage society was a barrel of fun, it is so much easier for me to tell my stories when they are enjoying my talk. There was about fifty people in the room, and they all went home in a merry mood.

I started off with how I started the Lady Truckers Club, the events I organised for them, my radio and television appearances, the three times I went to the Women of the Year Luncheon at the Savoy Hotel and met royalty, and the publicity shots I did in France with Sir Alistair Morton in the dining car of the euro tunnel train.

Then I went on to talk about my appearance in Hunt for the Tightest Person in Britain on Channel four in January. I took along some of my bags to show them, and read out my list of money saving tips. I'm sure most of them didn't believe me when I said I put my widdle on my compost heap, and one woman said 'you don't really cook a meal in a saucepan and eat it out of there as well, do you.' Yep, I answered, 'why mess up a plate as well, it just makes more washing up, and I hate washing up.'

The whole night was hilarious, someone asked me where I come from because I sounded just like Pam Ayres without the poetry. I just tell it like it is, open my mouth and surprise myself sometimes with what comes out.

Anyway, I've got to get a few things together now, because I'm off to Yorkshire in the morning. I'm having a frugal holiday. I have booked myself into the Youth Hostel for four nights, at Howarth, near Bradford, Bronte country I believe. It's a Victorian Mansion, here is the link
Very reasonably priced as well, I have a bed in a dormitory and I shall be getting my own food. I am looking forward to exploring new territory, looks like there is a lot to see in the area, with some great walking. I'll catch up with you when I get back, hopefully with some great photo's.

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