Thursday, 24 December 2009

Cheer up it's Christmas Eve

I'm glad you all didn't throw a brick at me, I am not usually so grumpy. I took Ben out this morning, and thought how nice it is to live in a village. People are so friendly, people that I hardly know or have never seen before, all smile and say hello. Passing the time of day with the postman as he rushes to complete his deliveries, waving to my elderly neighbour who sits by the window, and chatting to the church gardener as he takes his dog for a walk.

We had a big snowfall last night so I expected to wake up to snow halfway up the doors, but I am pleased to say it has started to melt. I like to keep my driveway snow free so I don't drag it into the house on my boots. My friends Alex and Irene are on their way to Edinburgh as I type, I hope they get there safely. It's not a journey I would like to undertake at this time of year, especially as the weather forecast is not good, predicting snow and ice. They have a large family and they all like to meet up for the Christmas celebrations.

Thank you for your good wishes, I hope everyone has a lovely time. Cyberkim, I can remember working at Christmas, and I didn't mind at all. In fact the best New Years Eve I had was tucked up in my bed in my lorry, night heater humming, down south somewhere, listening to Big Ben at midnight. Ace!

I shall be blogging when the fancy takes me, my computer stays on most of the day. Not very frugal I know, but it's my bit of fun. Catch you soon.


  1. Have a great festive season Ilona... xx

  2. Have a wonderful christmas Ilona. I love reading your blog everyday . Be careful on your snowy walks , although i'm sure your doggy pal would make a good rescue dog if you tie some Brandy to his collar xx

  3. just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas x

  4. You weren't grumpy at all!

    Popping by to say Happy Christmas

  5. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, I awlays read what you have been up to. I hope you have a peaceful Chritmas and wish you all the best for 2010.


  6. Just popped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank-you for writing such an entertaining and yet informative blog, I look forward to hearing about your antics during 2010. xx

  7. Lovely to hear from you all, apologies if I have not posted greetings on everyone's blog. A bit like Christmas cards really, you always get one from someone you have inadvertantly missed, then send it anyway even though it will be a bit late.

    I am looking forward to a jolly 2010, and don't want to waste a minute of it. I get so excited thinking about what I am going to do next. More exploring I think :-)


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