Friday, 25 December 2009

The big yawn

I can't stop yawning, don't know why, I haven't done much today. Perhaps it's the two glasses of wine and the glass of sherry, or sittting in front of the computer watching two episodes of Coronation Street, one hour of Victoria Wood, The Fattest Man in Britain film, and the Queens speech. Or it could be the three dog walks that has worn me out, or the hour I spent chatting to my friend who is coming down with some nasty flu like symptoms. I did wash my hands and face and brush my teeth when I got back though, so I hope I haven't caught any of the germs that might have been flying around.

Ben was well impressed with his steak, there is enough left for tomorrow, and the cats were equally thrilled with their grilled chicken breasts. I will open a tin of tuna for them tomorrow for their Boxing Day treat. I only have to say the word 'fish' and they immediately rush to the kitchen.

No Skyping today, I don't know what happened to my brother who was supposed to call me, he hasn't been online at all. Anyway, one last short crunchy walk through the snow and ice for Ben before bed time. I hope we wake up tomorrow morning and it has all gone, it's getting a bit of a pain now having to tread very slowly and carefully trying not to fall over.


  1. The ice on the pavements is like oiled glass this morning, so I hope you got Ben some crampons for Christmas. ;)

  2. We have just been out skating Kim, what a nightmare. Ben is starting to show signs of losing control of his back legs. Poor boy was all over the place until I put his lead on and steered him onto the tarmac in the middle of the road, then onto the grass. We had to make a diversion as some streets were no go areas. The churchyard was pretty clear though, so we spent some time meandering around there.


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