Sunday, 20 December 2009

Fun with Skype

It's very cold today and we've had more snow, so it's best not to venture too far. Within minutes of switching the computer on this morning, I had a Skype call from my brother in India. It was amazing to be able to see him and chat with him. You can't chat as if you are in the same room though because there is a slight delay on the signal, so you have to wait for a gap at the end of a sentence. I find this quite difficult because I am usually in a hurry when I speak. I have an awful habit of cutting in before the other person has finished, a bit annoying for them I imagine.

Anyway we managed. He showed me his dog, and I showed him Bugsy cat, and then I moved the webcam around the room, and showed him the snowy garden through the window. He laughed at me wrapped up in my many layers, he was sweltering in the heat with a shirt on open to the waist. Our chat lasted 59 minutes, we arranged to have a chat on Christmas day and have a party with a few drinks and food. That will be fun.
A bit later on I had another Skype link up with a friend who lives in the Orkney Isles, I haven't seen him for about five years, when he lived in Southport, so it was nice to catch up with him and his wife. They love it up there and had just been out with the ramblers club.

I went to Sue's to take some photo's of Bigpuss, isn't he gorgeous.

Now we will ask around to find out where he lives, and if they want him back.

Ben is now here with me, laid down besides my chair. Lilly is on my knee, Bugsy laid next to Ben, and Freddie on the bed, I'm surrounded by animals, it's great. You're never lonely with a pet.


  1. What a beautiful cat, I do hope you find his /her owner, they must be missing him dreadfully.

  2. I love Skype! I am able to chat with my daughter in spain for hours if I want and also with my other daughter in Japan... mind you the Japan one is a little odd with the time difference being so much. You do get used to waiting for people to finish their sentences before speaking... it's good practice for someone who likes to gabble like I do! lol!

  3. Oh my goodness! Bigpuss is so beautiful! I do hope you can find his home.


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