Saturday, 19 December 2009

Bigpuss is safe

Good news, Bigpuss is now safe in Sue's cat chalet, tucking into his dinner. I say 'his', she hasn't checked on it's gender yet. I think she has fallen in love with it, but there again she loves all cats. With 13 of her own her house is full of them, and each one is special. Tomorrow I will go and take some photo's of Bigpuss, so we can look for it's owner. At least he is safe now and has a warm bed, not wandering the streets in this bitterly cold weather.


  1. Excellent news!! Good luck Bigpuss in convincing them you need to stay where you are for life!Happy Christmas!

  2. Poor kitty! So sad to think of all the homeless animals isn't it?

  3. How lovely to see someone taking the time and trouble to help an animal.
    You are a truly good person.


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