Sunday, 13 December 2009

Henry's sleepover

Most of my weekend has been taken up with Henry sitting, he came on Saturday for a sleepover. We had a lot of fun out walking, we met several other dogs which delighted Henry as he romped around with them. I managed to keep him away from dykes full of water thank goodness, so I didn't have to give him a wash down before letting him back in the house.

The cats are getting used to him now, Lilly even lets him lick his face, Lilly is a boy by the way :-) There was a bit of commotion this morning though, Henry had followed me upstairs and I was in the bathroom, he stuck his head round the door of the office and didn't notice Bugsy asleep. Such a kerfuffle, yelps and hissing, Henry knows when to back off though.

He is becoming a very clever boy now, I can talk to him and he listens. There are some words that he understands, and if I spend a penny he knows it must be walk time and he sits looking at my jacket hanging on the hook behind the door. Helen forgot to bring his ball so we didn't have anything to play games with, then I remembered he picks up plastic pop bottles in the street and tosses them around, and I had an empty squash bottle in the bin. This did the job of entertaining him perfectly.

He was here for 24 hours, just to give Helen and Paul a break, at just over a year old he is very demanding, needing four walks a day and plenty of playtime and fun. It disrupts our routine a bit when he comes, I have to move the cats food dishes upstairs and put a barrier up at the bottom of the stairs, so Henry can't get them. I sleep on a camp bed in the living room, with Henry on a chair, because he wants to be near me. It's nice to have him here for visits, and to help Helen out.


  1. We've had next-doors dog as a guest this weekend and I agree that it's extremely entertaining.
    I've been taken for several energetic walks!
    I'm not sure that I'll ever be completely happy with picking up poo, but I couldn't stand the thought of setting a bad example. I try to let the glow of self-righteousness drive away the sensory unpleasantness. ;)

  2. I love reading your posts about Henry - he sounds so lovely and such a handful! We have a 2 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel and she still acts like this!

  3. maybe henry would calm down if neutered. Sorry for saying it. We had our golden retriever done and he calmed down alot. but he did become quite aggressive towards visitors and this what the vet said was best as he was defending the pack (us)

  4. I'm not keen on picking up poo with my hand inside a plastic bag. I carry a childs plastic spade with me wrapped in a bag, and spare bags in my pocket. If he does it on some nicely manicured grass verge I bag it up, but if there is rough ground nearby, hedge bottom or tall weeds where no one walks, I will throw the poo into this, without the bag of course ;-)

    I will mention erm adjusting Henry's manhood, to Helen, don't think she will go along with the idea though.


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