Saturday, 12 December 2009

Walk around Blacktoft Sands

A couple of weeks ago I went a bike ride over the bridge, and up the other side of the River Trent. I had to cut my journey short because I was going to run out of daylight hours and I had no lights, and my backside and legs were aching. So yesterday I went in the car to see the bits that I missed.

Blacktoft Sands is a nature reserve on the south side of the River Ouse about eight miles east of Goole, in East Yorkshire. It has the largest intertidal reedbed in England, and has a fascinating range of birds and other wildlife. There are six observation hides, a reception centre and picnic area. Although I don't know a lot about the different species of birds, I do like looking round these places. It was a lovely sunny but crisp afternoon, the frost was still on the grass where the sun hadn't reached.
This is the entrance to the Marshland Hide. Inside are narrow windows all round and benches to sit on while you watch the birds .
This is the view from inside the Hide, a barge is passing having unloaded at Goole Docks. It looks a lot closer than it is but it is in the channel beyond and not travelling through the reserve.

The sun was setting as I left, I wasn't sure if photo this would turn out ok but I think it's nice.

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