Sunday, 17 January 2010

I saw a waterfall today

A bit of good news to report, remember Bigpuss, the beautiful ginger cat that was straying in the village, well we have found his owner. His name is Mr Beasley, he was kept inside for a week when his owner moved house, but he went walkabout and ended back at his previous home. Sue has looked after him since before Christmas, but now he is back in his new house, and hopefully he will stay there this time.

It was great to get out for a walk today, I put a sandwich and a drink in my backpack and off I went. I stayed local and was out for nearly five hours across fields and farm tracks. I like the solitude of walking alone, it gives me time to think, to mull over things that have happened, to look for reasons and solutions. Sometimes people can be so unfair, they make judgments without knowing the full facts, and they say hurtfull things. I mentioned a few days ago that I needed to declutter my mind, well I have done it now. I know the truth and that's all that counts. I have deleted these people, they no longer have a place in my life. Sorry if this sounds a bit cryptic, but in a nutshell, if someone treats you unfairly it's best to walk away. So now I feel a lot better.
I saw a waterfall today.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your walk. I've had a lovely weekend, just pottering and cooking. Had a tough week at school as the kids have been unsettled by the late start due to the snow - so they've been hard work. The other place, as you know, has set me back a bit and I've had to remember we do what we do for us and the kids and as long as we're alright and not hurting anyone else then we've nothing much to worry about.

  2. The waterfall almost seems symbolic to how you were feeling today all the bad things and people just being poured away, I have a saying with people/friends there is wheat and chaf, and we need to keep an eye on the chaf and pull it out every now and then! Beads look great is that velvet there covered in?

  3. Yes, I stood and listened to the noise of the rushing water tumbling down the bank. Nature has great healing qualities.

    The beads are covered in red velvet, they look lovely, the real thing is better than the pics.

  4. "Mr Beasley". It's good to hear that Bigpuss's proper name was as stylish as his nickname.


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