Monday, 18 January 2010

Quids in

Well, I've done it and I feel pretty chuffed. My tax return was successfully submitted and was received by HM Revenue and Customs at 11.37 GMT on 18th January 2010. With all the bits of paper spread out on my desk, I managed to tick all the right boxes. All I've got to do now is wait for the overpayment to appear in my bank account, yipeeeee. I thought I would be due a rebate after the piddling amount of money I earnt during that year. It was only my scrimping and saving, begging and making do, that got me through it. A good lesson was learnt, from now on life is going to be just fine.

My first copy of Saga magazine came in the post this morning, a Christmas gift from Uncle Stan. Thank you Uncle Stan. Clint Eastwood is on the front cover, blimey he looks quite old. At last a magazine that doesn't have a lot of airbrushed bimbo's in it to make me feel like a frump, ha ha. Flicking through the pages there seems to be a wide variety of articles and interesting stuff to entertain and enlighten me. The letters page pays £50 for the top letter, might have a go at that, now what's topical at the moment, hmmmm ;o)

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  1. Well done on the tax return.

    Think you could write a regular column for the magazine.


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