Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Poor Tyrone

I am feeling a bit sorry for Tyrone at the moment, poor lad, his wife Molly has just packed her bags and left him. It sure breaks your heart to see him broken into pieces, tears rolling down his face, in total shock wondering where it all went wrong. How could she do that to him, such a nice hardworking lad, and after that lovely Christmas present he bought her as well. I do hope he finds someone else, someone a bit more appreciative.

Isn't life a bitch sometimes? I've had my fair share of broken hearts, been stood up on dates, and been dumped a few times. They just walk away, I mooch around and cry into my pillow. It sort of knocks you back a bit, your self esteem takes a battering and you lock yourself into your room wondering if life will ever be the same without a good looking boyfriend to show off to your mates. What a bummer it is when you get dumped.

But I have also been the one doing the dumping. You think you have found the right one, it's all sweetness and light, he picks you up to take you out, parties, dancing, holding hands, and walking along the beach under the moon light. Then all of a sudden you come to your senses, panic starts to creep in and you scarper before you get sucked in too far. I always feel it's best to be honest with people, if the earth doesn't move for you, you have to tell them, it's only fair.

That's the voice of experience talking now, well from what I can remember about it. All I have are the photographs to remind me. A little smile creeps over my face as I study the black and white images of my youth. I wonder what happened to him, now what was his name?

Age and experience is a wonderful thing, it means you don't have to bother with all that emotional stuff any more because you have got it all out of your system. Hopefully you have learnt something along the way. Your heart gets broken, it mends, you move on.

I don't know what's going to happen to poor Tyrone, he is still a young lad, perhaps his heart will be broken again sometime. You can bet your bottom dollar that Molly's affair will come to light and all hell will be let loose in the Webster household. I still say Coronation Street is the best soap ever. :-)


  1. He-he! I wondered who on earth Tyrone and Molly were! It wasn't until you mentioned Coronation Street that it dawned on me that they weren't people that you know ! I've not seen CStreet for years!

    Luckily, I missed most of the 'dumping and being dumped' stuff as I have been with DH since my mid teens. Sadly, I'm now watching my almost 15yo go through his first heart break......the first of many I expect, but very hard to watch him go through it :(

  2. I've been watching it too, getting good isn't it :o)

    I havbe had my heart broken too although I must say I think I dumped more than they did me. Long ago distant memories. I would seriously not want to be a teenager everything hurts when you are that age.

  3. I watch Coronation street now and then, I fine it light and often funny, yet it can be so sensitive. I did wonder who tyrone was though - hope the rain hasn't washed you away like it has us today.


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