Thursday, 21 January 2010

A bit of a runaround

I was dithering a bit this morning, couldn't decide how to spend my day. Part of me wanted to take off into the hills somewhere for a hike, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms because I haven't been anywhere interesting lately, but I also wanted to buy a couple of Ordnance Survey maps. Now I can't justify getting into my car to go to town, just to go into one shop. I suppose I could have gone free on the bus, but that seemed a waste of time, just for two maps. By the time I had finished dithering there wasn't a bus at the right time anyway.

Then I thought about it, it's too late to go walking now, but if I drove to town I could call in a couple of factories and pick up some stuff for the Scrapstore. I could take that huge money plant with me that I have been promising to give to one of the volunteers. I could take the red velvet beads with me to show Lorraine. I could pay my visa card bill at the bank. I could get some dog biscuits from the market, £1 for a big bag. I could look for some black paint to finish the coffee table. I could go to the college and book myself on a couple of courses that start in March. I could pick up some cat litter from Morrisons, and I could get the maps. Sorted.

Everything went almost according to plan, except I couldn't find any paint cheap enough, so the search continues for that one. The price of cat litter has shot up, I wonder if it is because everyone was buying it to scatter on their icy paths, so I only got two bags instead of the six I normally get. I will have to look elsewher for a better price. And I didn't have time to go to college, so I will ring and book the places.

It was lucky I was in the car, because I spotted a big metal display basket at the back door of Wicks, on the grass verge where they put stuff they don't want and people can help themselves. It was a bit bent, but I thought, no matter, Bob can straighten it at the Scrapstore, it will come in handy. There was also a very nice clean pallet and a large piece of wooden chipboard, so they found their way into the back of my car as well. By the time I got to the Scrapstore, I had quite a haul for them, fabrics and vinyls and cardboard tubes, they were well pleased. And I was pleased because I had done something useful.


  1. hope you dont mind me commenting, i love when the slightly unexpected happens, een if your best laid plans dont always go to plan :)

  2. Hi Knithappens, I have had to abondon my plans for today, you could say rain stopped play. Very frustrating, I had a walk planned, but it's not much fun getting soaking wet. You never know, something else might happen. Thank you for your comment.


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