Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ship shape and Bristol fashion

I've done my litter picking stint this morning, in between the showers. The village is starting to look ship shape and Bristol fashion now, no idea where that saying comes from, or what Bristol has got to do with keeping things tidy, ha ha. It's surprising how many people are speaking to me as I go around with my plastic bag and pickstick, everyone says hello, or good morning, or makes some light hearted comment about the weather. I seem to have aquired lots of new aquaintances. People even shout and wave to me from across the street. I was worried that people might think I was bonkers, but it has not happened I am pleased to say.

I started some small talk with a woman waiting at the bus stop, as I picked a sweet wrapper up from near her left foot. She asked why I was doing the job. I thought that was a strange question. I muttered something about the kids buying sweets from the shop and discarding the wrappers as they walk along. She immediately replied, 'It's not kids from round here that are doing it'. I said, 'I don't care where the kids come from, I am fed up of seeing it lying around so I am doing something about it.'

I see we are entered in the Best Kept Village competition, there is a poster on the notice board outside the Post Office. I will try and find out when the judges are expected to come and look round the place, then I can put a bit of extra effort into it the week before. It would be nice if we could win, we have been very close in past years.

Talking of rubbish, we have just had the new Thompson Local Directory delivered. I can't see the point in this publication when we have two perfectly acceptable directories called Yellow Pages and The Phone Book, both from BT. Why do we need another one? Well I don't want it cluttering my office up, it is going straight into the recycle bin, along with all the other junk mail.

I'm off out now to take Ben dog a walk. You can bet your life that if I don't take my pickstick I am bound to see some litter lurking, so I had better take it, just in case. We shall go a walk up to the smallholding so I can get some free range eggs, I have run out. Toodle pip.


  1. Iagree about how useless the Thomson directory is... and you cant put it in our recycle bins you have to take it to the dump...!!

  2. Be the change you want to see.....keep it up! I pick up litter every time I see some and wonder how much cleaner every where would be if everyone just picked up one piece a day?

  3. Soon enough you`ll find yourself regarded as the local litter picking celebrity. That wouldn`t be such a bad title, lol. Good on you for doing what nobody else would do voluntarily. If your little bit of litter picking would change local attitudes, now that would be fabulous. You might want to get the little litter louts early. How about taking your stick and a short talk to your local schools, explaining to the kids the importance of caring for their invironment. Just an idea.

  4. Another in agreement with the rubbish thomson directory. The Thomson, yellow pages and phone directory all go in the green bin as soon as they arrive. We can recycle the yellow pages now, never used to be able to. If we need a phone number we use the internet!


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