Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Try something different

I picked up a few bits of shopping yesterday on the way home, and was pleased to get a decent size cauliflower for 50p, (normal price), and some reduced price broccoli. However I was not pleased to discover that my usual Tesco fruit yogurt had gone up a massive 20p, from £1 for a pack of six, to £1.20. What a cheek! I wonder why it has leapt up so much, is the fruit in short supply, or has half the country's cows dropped down dead?

I decided to leave them on the shelf and think of something else I could have as a treat that doesn't cost as much. I noticed they had a special offer of 70p on the 500g size of Low Fat Natural Yogurt, so I bought one.

When I got home, I opened a tin of Morrisons own brand peaches in light syrup, and was impressed that the tin was packed full of fruit, not half full of juice like you would expect of a cheap 24p tin. I chopped the peaches and put some in a dish and covered it with the yogurt. It's lovely.

So for 94p I have got a lot more fruit yogurt than I would have had out of six little pots, and it keeps for almost two weeks in the fridge. The moral is, if you find prices have gone up more than you are willing to pay, look for something cheaper that is just as good. Be prepared to change your normal eating habits and try something else.


  1. Diversivying and keeping an eye on the value for money does make sense.

  2. Oooh, sounds very yummy! I wonder if this would be nice mixed up and frozen? It would make a healthy, cool treat for those hot days.

  3. I think you are quite right and very sensible Ilona... it is easy to fall into bad habits and let the cost of living creep up again... Good post!

  4. Yes, Billie Jane, it's all about fighting back. Don't let the supermarkets win, stick two fingers up at them and leave stuff on the shelf if it is too expensive. Pity everyone doesn't do the same, then they would have to drop prices.

    brightandnew, unfortunately it says do not freeze on the yogurt, shame about that because you could make up some individual frozen creamy treats :0(

  5. Hi.........those yoghurts are now DOWN to 60p. Go figure???


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